About us

Radiological Protection Inspectors SIOR

The Association of Radiological Protection Inspectors SIOR was founded in 1998 (registered in 2001, in the National Court Register under number (0000068003) and operates in the area of Poland with the headquarter in Poznan, Lwa 25A/8 st, 61-244 Poznań
SIOR members are mainly (but not only) Inspectors working on Radiological Protection: in medicine, industry, research institutes, colleges and universities.
Radiological Protection Inspectors are an important link in the system of radiological protection of the Republic of Polish, under applicable regulations of the Polish nuclear law and regulations related.

The main objectives of the Association are:
• Acting as an independent organization of public confidence in issues related to use of radioactive sources and ionizing radiation;
• Integrating the community of inspectors and those interested in issues related to ionizing radiation and creating the organizational framework for cooperation;
• Creating conditions for cooperation and assistance among parties interested in issues and possibilities of implementation of individual tasks related to usege of ionizing radiation;
• Promoting public awareness associated with the use of ionizing radiation and its impact on the environment, in different economic sectors and fields of knowledge and science, with particular emphasis on medicine and industry;
• Promoting knowledge about nuclear power;
• Providing a forum for discussion and promotion of research in the field of radiological protection;
• Involving members of the Association and other people into active participation in life of the community ;
• Cooperation with similar associations in the country and abroad.

The Association realizes its aims by:
• Organizing readings, lectures, conferences, courses, work-shops;
• Publishing activity, press, distribution in accordance with applicable regulations in this issue;
• Doing business in the broad sense of radiological protection;
• Collaborate with the State Agency for Atomic Energy, Ministries, government agencies and other bodies and organizations whose activity is related to the use of sources of ionizing radiation;
• Giving opinions – in consultation – about changes in law of nuclear and related documents;
• Organizing meetings to promote knowledge of radiation protection and the use of ionizing radiation;
• Consulting in the field of radiological protection;
• Promoting research and development in fields related to ionizing radiation.

The Association is on the list of training units authorized by President of the National Atomic Energy Agency and the Chief Sanitary Inspector and it is authorized to engage in the following types of training:

• for candidates for radiological protection inspectors type: 1Z IOR, IOR 1R, 1 IOR, IOR 3;
• for candidates for the position important for ensuring nuclear safety and radiological protection
– A-A (operator of accelerator used to control vehicles)
– A-A (operator of accelerator used for purposes other than medical with excluding accelerators used to control vehicles other than vehicles diagnosis )
– S-A (operator of accelerator (operator of accelerator used for medical devices and equipment to teleradiotherapy
– S-Z (operator of devices for brachytherapy with radioactive sources)
• for the candidates for inspectors in medical laboratories X-ray type R and S;

The Association is also involved in organization of training conferences:
• annual conference of Radiological Protection Inspectors ;
• conferences for people associated with the use of ionizing radiation in medicine and industry;
• conferences for people associated with the medical X-ray cameras;
• international conferences related to medical and industrial usage of ionizing radiation.